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Sea Salt Collection by Barrier Islands Salt Co.

Explore Barrier Islands Salt Co.'s hand made sea salt varieties with this exclusive collection!

What’s inside: 

  • Pure Flake Sea Salt
  • Herbs de Seaside Salt (Herbs sourced from Seaside Farm, Eastern Shore, VA)
  • Provence Lavender Salt (Lavender sourced from Brittingham Farms, DE)
  • Lemon Orange Salt (Made with fresh zest)
  • Five pieces of Sea Salt Caramels (Handmade by La Vache Creamery) 

David & Anna Lee of Barrier Islands Salt Co. collect water by boat in 60 feet of water, eight miles off shore, where the whitecaps of the Atlantic Ocean crash onto the sandy shore of Hog Island.

Saltmaker David Lee spent years studying centuries old, artisan salt making techniques and applying them to the unique merroir of the wild & pure waters of the Virginia Coast Reserve, a 130,000 nature preserve naturally filtered through thousands of acres of oyster reefs and eelgrass as each tides rushes in and then heads back out to sea. 

All items are neatly packed in a wooden box, atop ivory crinkle paper, wrapped with blue velvet ribbon, and topped with a handwritten note. 

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