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Coming Home

Coming Home

In late December 2019, while exploring Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, God spoke to me and told me to “come home”. A few weeks later, the Atlanta house was on the market, and we were packing and relocating to Virginia Beach. I’d moved away from my hometown in 2009 – fueled by big dreams and a little bit of heartbreak. I imagined living and working in the Napa Valley, after running a half marathon there, and was certain I could make my dreams a reality. 

What unfolded over the next decade is a story for another day but suffice it to say I was blessed to work with some of the most outstanding winemakers, vintners, and wines in the world. Napa Valley felt like my own personal Eden. The people I met and the places I got to visit taught me, shaped me, and forever left impressions upon me. 

In 2016, another dream came true, and I became a mother. Sometimes, it’s surreal that I’m raising my little boy in this wonderful place – my hometown. Surrounded by memories, family, lifelong friends, and wonderful new friends, I feel the sunlight on my face, and there’s absolutely nothing like that kind of warmth. 

Banks & Beach was born out of a dream to add joy to the world. I’m so grateful you’re here.

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