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Gifting Magic

Gifting Magic

So I have a secret I’d love to share with you. My gifting magic formula. How do you create a gift that offers immediate gratification and lasting sentimental value? Follow these three easy steps to inspire your next gift. ✨

1. Make it DELICIOUS

Everyone loves a little treat - be it something salty, sweet, savory or even mindful for those with dietary restrictions. Something yummy will always be well received!

2. Make it PERSONAL

Consider your recipient. Could they devote more time to self care? Do they love cooking? Or candles? Are they into a daily meditative or reflective practice? Something personal shows you’ve really considered their needs and thought through a gift they will use and appreciate.

3. Make it MEMORABLE

How can you make your gift memorable? My approach to creating an unforgettable gift is to include an item that lingers. This might be a pair of earrings or a hand forged oyster knife or a tea towel printed with a watercolor map of a special place. Additionally, a beautifully packaged gift often proves memorable.

By following this easy gifting magic formula you’re demonstrating that it really is the thought that counts.

We make selecting mindful, intentional gifts for someone you love effortless. As always, reach out today if we can be of assistance with your next gift!

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