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Napa Valley (part one)

Napa Valley (part one)

In late 2009, I packed my SUV with clothing, some books, and my road bike, and I moved to Napa Valley.

Before I left VB, Marc Sauter at Zoe’s allowed me to interview him - I gained valuable insight including a list of wine terms to look up and wineries to visit. Nicole Abiouness was a Norfolk native I should contact. Chuck Patty gave me a copy of The Wine Bible.

I still laugh when I reflect on my enthusiasm about the solo cross country journey - overjoyed at daybreak, overcome with fear 12 hours later. I plotted my route and stayed with dear friends along the way. Leland hosted me in Nashville, Kelly Jo in Kansas City, I slept in a hotel outside Mt. Rushmore (bubbling with excitement over seeing a buffalo earlier that day). Alex & Sarah welcomed me in Salt Lake City, Jessica hosted me in Coronado, Annamarina provided refuge in LA, then I drove to my late aunt’s home in Berkeley. My SUV struggled up the steep Berkeley hills but I was ultimately rewarded with a cozy home, and an unbelievable view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I felt both terrified and on top of the world.

The next morning, I drove to Napa Valley and began my search for a job and a place to live…

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