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I wish you wellness. I hope you, too, find what works for you and makes you feel like the very best version of yourself.

For the past five years, I have found myself utterly fixated on wellness. I’ve worked with an amazing nutritionist, scoured literature regarding longevity, and have devoted myself to movement, and a meditation practice. Like everything in life, my focus ebbs and flows. But with each moment of rest and reset comes a period of even greater focus, dedication, and commitment to my own well-being. My drive is fueled by the hope for longevity, and the desire to live a peaceful, intentional, and joyful life. More than anything, I want to feel effervescent. I worked in the wine industry for years, and love the metaphor of imagining yourself as the light, bright, dancing bubbles within a glass of champagne. To feel that light, buoyant, and carefree… What a dream. So I pursue wellness.

Mark Hyman is an incredible functional medicine practitioner, and much of what he preaches works for me. I love Tamara Levitt and her Calm app. Margaret Schwenke of Authentic Nourishment taught me what it means to truly love yourself, nourish yourself, and prioritize self-care. This was particularly difficult for me after becoming a mother, but in working with Margaret, I discovered how self-care was integral to being the person I wanted to be. My cousin, Evan, has helped me discover the benefit of Adaptogenic herbs, including ashwagandha, rhodiola, chamomile, licorice root, and more. He always inspires me with his never ending drive to learn, explore, and create.

My interest in, and exposure to nourishing my body by treating food as medicine is what ultimately led me to be so excited about selling Crunchy Hydration functional sparkling waters. I think Megan has created something special that is delicious and helps her customers feel better. I’m now turning that curiosity to Veg Out Organics as I have recently started using their skin care line and am particularly fond of their Magnesium Body Lotion and Chill Mode Body Oil. They have been wonderful additions to my evening routine. I am doing an Instagram giveaway with Crunchy and Veg Out next week in an attempt to slow the summer down. (If only we could…) It is cliché to say that the days, weeks, and months are passing all too quickly, yet it is true! So, my hope is that with an intentional self-care practice I can find moments for myself to slow down, and savor the special moments of this one precious life.

Recently, I took a day trip to the Outer Banks with my little boy. We visited the Wright Brothers museum and monument. We walked around Manteo, had lunch and explored. We swam at Jennette’s Pier, and flew a giant octopus kite in Kitty Hawk. I was telling a friend that I don’t think I could possibly recreate the day if I tried - it was just that perfect. So often, our days are filled with work, laundry, dishes, and wow, these are things to be incredibly grateful for, still, it’s important to reflect on and cherish the moments when you’re away from your routine and completely lost in time.

So back to wellness. I attribute my ability to be present, lost in a moment, to my wellness practice. Nearly four years of meditating has given me an incredible sense of clarity and calm in my day to day life. Proper nourishment enables me to feel my best - strong, vibrant, happy. I’ve integrated practices like seed cycling, coconut pulling, cold showers, daily walks, lots of squats, and yes, I moisturize with beef fat (thank you, Tidewater Tallow).

All this to say I wish you wellness. I hope you, too, find what works for you and makes you feel like the very best version of yourself.

What are your wellness practices? How do you take care of yourself? Please leave a comment below because I’d love to know.

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