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Let’s Talk Local

Let’s Talk Local

When you shop local, you’re keeping your hard earned dollars in our community, AND making dreams come true.

Let’s talk local. I was born in Virginia Beach, grew up here, and am now raising my little in this great city. When I moved back to VB in 2020, I immediately noticed the energy of our small business community, and felt overwhelmed by pride in all talented individuals. It is truly a privilege and a gift to work with small local businesses as I curate unique gifts for my clients.

When you shop local, you’re keeping your hard earned dollars in our community, AND making dreams come true. So, here are a few favorite gifts that you’ll find in our thoughtfully designed gift boxes and marketplace.

VegOut Organics “Chill Mode” Body Oil

  • I’d never tried CBD skincare before using this product and I can honestly say it’s now part of my daily skin care routine - I love it, especially on my shoulders in the summer! Their renewal eye cream is another favorite but truth be told, I love the entire skincare line.

Of Great Value Chesapeake Earrings

  • Local jewelry maker Nat Browning is a literal ray of sunshine and every piece she designs reflects her glow. I’m particularly fond of these drop pearl earrings.
Tidewater Tallow
  • Meeting Nicole, Trey, & Brooks this time last year was a joy. I’m in awe of what they’ve built and love using/gifting their tallow. I recommend it for everything from cuticle repair, to diaper rash, to eczema.

Rambling Caravan Gilded Oyster Shell Candles

  • It’s no secret I love these candles AND the people making them. Susan, Brooke & John are simply the BEST and create incredible products. I’m so excited to expand my offerings with them!

Barrier Islands Salt Co. Flake Sea Salt

  • I’m in awe of David & Anna Lee for literally *making salt* from ocean water! Their salt is delicate, bright, and the perfect finishing salt!

Cocoa Nouveau Chocolates

  • Hand made chocolates. Need I say more?! When I first met Kristin, I was immediately intrigued by her artistry! She strikes me as a brilliant scientist (or a Maître Chocolatier…which she is) and creates the most exquisite chocolates.

The Matt Dad MaD Seasoning Salt

  • Matt Starcher and his family just make me smile. Forever cooking something mouthwatering, he clearly has a heart of gold and his seasoning salt adds a little love to your meals. You’ll find him @oldbeachfarmersmarket on Saturdays and walk away feeling inspired by his goal of making a difference.

Elizabeth Eats Nut Butter

  • Elizabeth is wise beyond her years and crafts the most decadent nut butters! I’m particularly fond of her Strawberries & Creme and her Matcha Nut Butter - both delicious drizzled over sliced bananas (or by the spoonful).

North End Bag Co. Leather Coasters

  • I remember the first time I saw one of their bags - the style, the craftsmanship, the details. We are so fortunate to have this talented group of makers in our community. I sourced NE Bag Co. leather coasters for a custom gift recently and absolutely cherish that they are made locally, with love.

Shout out to my FAVORITE NC neighbors - Printed Hues, Waller Handmade, and most recently, Saltwater Collection for sharing your gifts with us!

I can’t wait to work with more small businesses in 2024! Please tag the businesses you think we should work with in the comments! (Airotciv by Victoria, Kessy Heath Art, Coleman Senecal Art, Pretty Palm Candle Co, Jars of Dust - I’m looking at you!) 🥰

If you see something you love, I hope you’ll shop local this holiday season! As a reminder, we offee free local pick up (gift wrapped) and nationwide delivery!

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